supriya venkatesan

supriya venkatesan

Journalist & Content Strategist

I hold a Masters in Strategic Communications from Columbia University. I have been published in major national media and worked with Fortune 500 brands.

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Peaceful Warrior

A personal crisis following a deployment with the Army led Supriya Venkatesan to seek a more meaningful purpose. Her subsequent journey uncovered Transcendental Meditation.


When Water Makes You Wet: Inside the Ecosexual Revolution ...

Are our fetishes and sexualities based on nature or nurture? In the case of ecosexuality, an identity that celebrates an heightened connection between body and Mother Earth, it’s all about nature.

5 tips for making arguments less scary

According to neuroscience research, 98 percent of people are wired with the ability to empathize. (The remaining two percent include those with psychopathic personalities.) But when conflict occurs, it’s easy to forego this inherent human skill.


Creative Juice: How LSD Became the Go-to Drug of the Smartest Guy in the Room

Today, a renaissance of hallucinogen drug use is fueling creatives from Silicon Valley to New York City as part of a bigger movement called biohacking.

Pacific Standard


As President Trump continues to push his Muslim ban, members of our armed forces find themselves in precarious positions.

Teen Vogue

I'm 16 Years Old and I'm a Syrian Refugee | Teen Vogue

I'm 16 Years Old and I'm a Syrian Refugee | Teen Vo...


The Definition Of An American, Of A Hero

The Definition Of An American, Of A Hero

What I Learned About My Body After Working As a Nude Model for a ...

Just a normal naked woman, getting drawn by a bunch of people.


10 Queer Women Give Straight Guys Their Best Sex Tips

Only 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic during vaginal intercourse. Yes, you read that correctly.


I Lived in My Car for Two Months — On Purpose - xoJane

I Lived in My Car for Two Months — On Purpose - xoJ...


Let’s Review the Suspicious Links Between Trump And Putin

With President Barack Obama publicly acknowledging in his last news conference...

The Huffington Post

The Cosmic Philosopher That Shaped Wayne Dyer and The New Age Movement | The Huffington Post

I recently had the chance to interview Mitch Horowitz, vice president and executive editor at Tarcher Perigee, a division of Penguin Random House. He is an occult enthusiast and has the rare gift of making the esoteric accessible to discerning masses.

Reader's Digest UK

How to make an online relationship work offline

So you’ve connected online and now you’ve got butterflies in your tummy. It feels good to have this rush of excitement and to finally go from online to offline. But how do you navigate it while staying safe?


What 9/11 means to me as an Iraqi-American who fled the war ...

What 9/11 means to me as an Iraqi-American who fled...